Hot Pepper Seeds

  • $21.50
    One packet each of Bhut Jolokia, Carolina Reaper, Habanero Orange, Trinidad Scorpion & Wicked Ghost. 
  • $4.55
    85-90 day Attractive peppers look just like a fiery hot red habanero, have a similar aroma and flavor but without...
  • $4.95
    60-70 day 2017 AAS Winner! Thin-walled, crunchy, 3 to 4" fruits have a delicate, refreshing citrus flavor...
  • $4.45
    80 days. Attractive, thin-walled fruits grow 4 to 6" long, are mostly 3-lobed and ripen from green to rich red to...
  • $2.25
    As the name suggests this pepper is both hot and sweet. Large 4 to 6" fruits are held above the foliage and are...
  • $3.95–$6.95
    75 Days One of the most popular chili peppers. Two-celled, medium-hot fruits, with medium-thick, dark green flesh...
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