Super Hot

  • Armageddon Hybrid Pepper

    4 star rating
    70-75 days. The world's first hybrid super-hot chili with a Scoville rating of 1.3 million! Pale green, pendant...
  • $4.95
    80-85 Days Also known as Ghost Chile. The Guinness Book of World Records hottest pepper in the world from 2007...
  • $6.95–$12.95
    90 day. Offically the hottest pepper in the world as ranked by Guinness Records - Scoville units typically average a...
  • $4.25
    80-100 days. Dark green, wrinkled fruits ripen to a beautiful bright orange and with an average of 210,000 Scoville...
  • $5.95
    100 days. One of the hottest chilis on the planet! Wrinkled, lantern-shaped peppers ripen to a searing red-orange...