Sweet Aperitif Tomato

Sweet Aperitif Tomato

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4.0 (1 review)
80 Days
This fresh new tomato from England might be the sweetest cherry you'll ever eat! Bright red fruits have exceptional flavor and very high levels of sugar - up to a brix of 13 - even sweeter than Sungold and SunSugar! - that are perfectly balanced with just the right amount of acid to give this tomato a deliciously, refreshing, tangy flavor. We're pretty sure this variety will quite possibly replace your favorite cherry. Plants have a multi-branching habit and are completely covered with bite sized, 1/2 oz. fruits.
15 - seeds per packet
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Product Details

: 39
: Spring
: Fertile, well-drained
: 4-6-8
: 2 -
: Fruit

Physical Details

: Green
: Red
: 7 to 21
: 80
: 24
: Yes
: Indeterminate
: OpenPollinated

Scientific Details

: Solanum
: lycopersicum
: Sweet Aperitif
Product Reviews
4.0 (1 review)
  • By Katherine H
    From Los Altos, CA
    Good, hardy vine, and produced fruit fairly early. Seems to be slowing down now in mid-August, but had a lot of fruit in July. Maybe has a short season of productiveness? I was not that impressed, but it was the top flavor favorite among my friends who tasted my various cherry tomato types this year. It does have a good balanced tomato flavor and the skin is not too thick given the size, and is a nice, rich red color. However, the fruit is very small--I would call it a grape tomato. The biggest fruits were 1/2 inch and most were smaller. For me, that means a lot of time picking the tiny fruit and then removing the stems before using in a dish. However, they were a great punch of color in a mixed bowl of yellow and orange cherry tomatoes, and the small size compared to the others added visual interest. If you like quite small cherry tomatoes, these are definitely worth a try.