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  • $3.35–$12.95
    74 Days Dates back to the early 1900s and is the best for sauces and canning. Its deep red fruits are large for...
  • $5.15–$18.95
    (VFA GLS) 75 Days. A spectacular, mid-season variety with plump, juicy, deep red tomatoes that often weigh more than...
  • $5.65–$23.95
    (VFFA GLS ToMV) 73 days. 1994 AAS Winner. A miracle of modern breeding. Many experts at AAS trials described...
  • $6.55–$17.95
    One of our most popular for fresh market, home gardens and gourmet chefs. Extra-large, mostly 4-lobed, superior...
  • $3.75–$19.95
    80 days. This prize winner was bred by Minnie Zaccaria, a New Jersey gardener who tirelessly sought the perfect...
  • $3.25–$12.95
    90-100 days. Heirloom dating back to the 1880's. Potato leaf plants with good yields of extra-large, up to 1 1/2...
  • $5.95–$25.95
    (VFFA GLS ToMV) 70 Days. This 1984 AAS Winner established a new standard for main-crop hybrids requiring multiple...
  • $3.55–$8.50
    (FTA ToMV) 75 Days. 2014 AAS Winner! Bred from the popular heirloom tomato Amana Orange, this variety captures...
  • $3.85–$12.95
    80-90 days. A reliable producer of unusual, medium pink-purple fruits that appear brown in color, and average 10...
  • $4.25–$12.95
    (V LB) 70-75 Days. Large, 8 to 10 oz., purple beefsteak-type fruits are oblate, ribbed and full of visual appeal....
  • $3.15–$12.95
    77 Days. An excellent slicer. Most fruits weigh over 1 lb. - many 2 to 3 lbs. and even held the Guinness World...
  • $6.25–$27.95
    (VFF) 57 days. Its hard to find tasty, full-sized fruits like this extra-early in the season! Meaty, ripe red fruits,...
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