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Fragrant n
Common Name Tomato Planter Bag

Tomato Planter Bag

  • Package of 3
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Love home grown tomatoes but don't have room for a garden? These bags are perfect for decks, balconies and patios. Large enough to hold up to two plants, depending on the variety and deep enough for stakes or tomato cages to support plants. Seams are porous to provide drainage. Made of woven polyethylene with wipe clean surfaces and webbed handles for easy mobility. Folds flat for easy storage at the end of the growing season. Measures 15" high by 12-1/2" in diameter. Pkg of 3.

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Product Details
Fragrant n
Common Name Tomato Planter Bag


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I prefer the fabric type
Feb 15, 2024  |  By JJ
My fabric planter bags all performed well. These did not drain well and soil became moldy even though we had a dry season, which I did not supplement with manual watering unless absolutely necessary. I removed soil and rotted plants from these and even with fresh, dry soil these molded again and no plants survived. Handles also ripped off from the bags after being moved twice. Tipped over easily I the wind, being tall and narrow and they don't have the soil capacity to secure even short, determinate/patio type tomato plants Might be suitable for smaller plants. I should have read the product info more carefully before ordering.

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