Crab & Lobster Shell Fertilizer 5-3-0

Crab & Lobster Shell Fertilizer 5-3-0

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An excellent dry organic source of nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Retains moisture in soil and builds organic matter. Also gives roots something to grab onto, for a food source, creating a deeper root system. Intergrated into the soil it encourages chitin eating bacteria which helps control/eleminate ants, grubs, fungus and root nematodes. Placed around plants, it will keep slugs and snails off. Also helps choke out weeds and keeps moles, voles, mice, etc. from digging up bulbs and root vegetables. Perfect for use in flower beds, vegetable gardens and on lawns and turf. Safe for pets and kids.
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: 65

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: Determinate
: Hybrid

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