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If the idea of weeding and the high cost of watering keeps you from gardening, this eco-friendly product is for you! This advanced plant hydration system is the only landscaping irrigation product to combine the functions of slow release irrigation, automatic recharging with natural precipitation, weed control, and protection against extreme weather conditions (winter and summer) into one low-cost product. From field test results in central Virginia, as of June 2016. One raised bed garden in the Ashland Community Garden has not been watered since 2014 - yes, you read that right! Each mat has 6 precut holes and can be placed on the top of the soil with or without the addition of mulches. Perfect for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs and flowers, too! Water storage capacity is approx. 4 gallons. Made from durable, recycled plastic fabrics, super absorbent polymer and measures 72"L x 18"W. Reusable.
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