The Perfect Tool System Offer (4)

The Perfect Tool System Offer (4)

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Offer includes on each of: 53184 Easy Cultivator, 53185 Easy Diggin Fork, 53186 Easy Planter and 53187 Easy Shovel. The ergonomic design of these innovative tools reduce the aches and pains normally associated with gardening. Invented by the owner of the company, who is an avid gardener, after he had a heart attack. As part of his rehab, he returned to gardening, but quickly discovered traditional tools were too heavy and painful to use. His research resulted in these Easy Tools that have a wide handle and foot step created to make gardening more enjoyable, less stressful, help reduce painful blisters and muscular and skeletal stress. For use both standing and kneeling gardening. Easy to clean and store. Made of steel and built to last with a 100% lifetime replacement warranty from the manufacturer. Endorsed by the American Chiropractic
Easy Cultivator
Easy Diggin Fork
Easy Planter
Easy Shovel
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