2nd Generation Tomato Collection

2nd Generation Tomato Collection

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Sunsugar: The ultimate in cherry tomatoes, this golden-yellow beauty achieves a new level of sugar-sweetness and flavor, superb texture, and a tangy "true tomato" taste. Fruits are a lovely golden-yellow, weigh 1/2 oz., and possess thin skins - remarkable, considering its wonderful crack resistance, even in heavy rains. Heavy early cropper. Very vigorous - can be grown outdoors or indoors in an unheated greenhouse in cold climates.
Suncherry Extra Sweet: (FT) No hors d'oeuvres table or salad will be without this bite-size delight, once folks taste its super-sugary sweetness. Vigorous plants produce higher yields of thin-skinned, 1/4 oz. fruits than its predecessor, especially at the start of harvest.
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Product Details

: 38
: Spring
: Fertile, well-drained
: 4-6-8
: 2 -
: Fruit

Physical Details

: Green
: Red and yellow
: 7 to 21
: 55 to 62
: 18 to 24
: Yes
: Indeterminate
: Hybrid

Resistance Details

: Yes

Scientific Details

: Solanum
: lycopersicum
: Various