Sunsugar Hybrid Tomato

Sunsugar Hybrid Tomato

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4.7 (6 reviews)
62 Days
(FT) The ultimate in cherry tomatoes, this golden-yellow beauty achieves a new level of sugary-sweetness and flavor, superb texture, and a tangy "true tomato" taste. Fruits are a lovely golden-yellow, weigh 1/2 oz., and possess thin skins - remarkable, considering its wonderful crack resistance, even in heavy rains. Heavy early cropper. Very vigorous - can be grown outdoors or indoors in an unheated greenhouse in cold climates.
20 seeds
250 seeds
4 pk: Starter plants

Product Details

: 38
: Spring
: 0.5
: Fertile, well-drained
: 4-6-8
: 2 -
: Fruit

Physical Details

: Yes
: Green
: Golden Yellow
: 7 to 21
: 62
: 24
: Yes
: Indeterminate
: Hybrid

Scientific Details

: Solanum
: lycopersicum
: Sunsugar
Product Reviews
4.7 (6 reviews)
  • By Laurie L
    From Salt Lake City, UT
    Favorite cherry tomato also one of the few non heirloom tomatoes that we grow. We are in Zone 5 and grow between 30 to 35 plants every year. We always have at least two Sun Sugars so we can share extra with neighbors and friends. The Sun Sugar is alway
  • By Katherine H
    From Los Altos, CA
    My go-to tomato for our unpredictable SF Bay Area summers--does well during hot spells and also produces reliably when we have cool, foggy summers and still tastes good . Some types of tomatoes are bland when they don't get enough heat, but Sunsugar tastes great regardless. Nice thin skin, and makes great tomato sauce! I have even tried growing it on the coast, at our beach house, and it is the only one that does decently, better than SF Fog.
  • By James D
    From Albion, IN
    Acceptable. Compares favorably to Sungold. Huge yields, good taste, nice appearance.
  • By M M
    From Salem, OR
    These have a hard time making it to the house. They are eaten while picking. Last year a neighbor asked if I would give him another plant this year