Jasper Hybrid Tomato

Jasper Hybrid Tomato

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5.0 (1 review)
60 Days
(FF EB LB) 2013 AAS Winner. An outstanding disease resistance package results in extended harvests of this delightful little tomato, something you'll appreciate after sampling the fruit. The small, round, 3/4 inch red fruits weigh less than ounce each. They have sweet, rich flavor and a pleasant creamy texture you'll enjoy. The fruits are borne on small trusses, holding their quality for a long time on the plant and after picking, resist cracking and rot. The indeterminate plants are extra vigorous and tall and will need the support of a trellis or cage. You'll find they require little or no fertilization and the plants overcome weather-related stresses with ease. Disease resistances include Early Blight, Septoria Leaf Spot, Fusarium Races 1 and the dreaded Late Blight. Enjoy these little candy fruits early, too, just 60 days from transplanting, 90 days from sowing seed.
10 - seeds per packet
1 FOR $4.50
3 FOR $11.85

Product Details

: 36
: Spring
: Fertile, well-drained
: 4-6-8
: 2 -
: Fruit

Physical Details

: Green
: Red
: 7 to 21
: 60
: 24
: Yes
: Indeterminate
: Hybrid

Resistance Details

: Yes

Scientific Details

: Solanum
: lycopersicum
: Jasper
Product Reviews
5.0 (1 review)
  • By Ann M
    From Northern Pacific Coastline
    Grew this Jasper cherry tomato from seed. Absolutely fantastic production!!. I was glad to only have one plant as it outproduced all my other cherry tomatos and just two weeks ago (Dec 15th) got it's first whipping wind/rain storm and frost that started it's down cycle. Very disease resistant and adapts to most weather extremes. It keeps on growing and going.