Common Beet Problems

Common Beet Problems

Small, wood roots: Usually due to improper thinning or drought.

Heavy, cracked or deformed roots: Often caused by excess fresh manure or heavy applications of nitrogen fertilizer. Deformities may also occur in hard, clumpy soils.

Poor Color: extended periods of high temperatures or moisture fluctuations.


Black Spot: Caused by a boron deficiency in the soil. Have a soil test done to determine if you have a problem. If a deficiency is found, it can be corrected with an application of solubor.

Scab: A common soil borne disease which over winters in the soil and causes uniform scab-like area on the roots of beets, radish or potatoes. The disease may cause deformed roots and affect the taste of the crop. Scab like clubroot can persist in the soil for many years. It is more of a problem when the soil pH is below 5.3. The best way to avoid problems is to not plant in old potato land.