Common Asparagus Problems

Common Asparagus Problems


Asparagus rust: Will affect stalks and ferns, but not the roots. Asparagus rust is evident when reddish pustules appear on the stems and leaves. Pustules turn brown to black as the season progresses. To control this disease we suggest cutting off all affected plants at ground level and burn them, then spray with Actinovate or Serenade.

Fusarium root rot: Can cause stunted plants which will wilt and turn yellow in mid-summer. This disease is encouraged by poor soil drainage, weak growth and overcutting.


Asparagus beetles: The most common insect pest. Beetles are slender, 1/4 inch long, blue-black in color with three yellow square marks on each wing cover. They feed on asparagus spears, lay eggs on the ferns which then hatch into grey-green worms about 1/3 inches long with a black head. Because these insects are most active at night we suggest Eight, Rotenone, or Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew applied in the evening.